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SwiftUI workshops for teams.

Book a two day workshop for your engineering team — tailored to your product and targeted at your challenges.

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SwiftUI Fundamentals

We explain the most important concepts and work through tailor-made exercises for your team. We focus on getting hands-on experience with the fundamental concepts behind the framework, leaving your team with a great intuition of how SwiftUI works.

Up to 16 participants

In person or via Zoom.

2 intensive days of learning

With group sessions and one-on-one.

Reference material included

Including our custom Mac app

Thinking in SwiftUI

Includes a complimentary copy.

Workshop App

Our custom-built workshop app guides your team through the exercises.

Learn concepts with interactive introductionsComplete product-specific exercises in pairsDiscuss solutions and approaches together
Learn concepts with interactive introductions
Complete product-specific exercises in pairs
Discuss solutions and approaches together

Your Instructor

Chris Eidhof is the creator of the SwiftUI Field Guide, co-founder of objc.io, co-host of Swift Talk and author of multiple books on iOS development and Swift programming.

Depending on the group size, Chris is joined by Florian Kugler and other instructors. Groups are limited to 16 people, larger teams are split into multiple cohorts.

Chris Eidhof

Course Structure

Layout and View Trees

We discuss how SwiftUI constructs trees and how the layout system works, looking at the fundamental algorithms as well as practical views and modifiers.

State and Render Trees

We show how the view tree is interpreted into a render tree, and why this is important for managing state. We look at the lifetime of views and how to load data efficiently.

Components and Bindings

We build reusable components and to bind them to your data model.


We use the environment to pass data and configuration down the view tree, and show how to use it for dependency injection.


We go over how the alignment system works in SwiftUI, and how to use it to build layouts that go beyond the basics.


We look at property animations, and how to build completely custom animations using the Animatable protocol.


We explain how to use transitions to animate changes in your view hierarchy, including custom transitions to fit your exact needs.

Advanced Layout

We use GeometryReader and preferences to build more complex layouts.

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To enquire about a workshop, drop us a mail and we'll reach out to set up a call. It would be helpful if you could provide some basic info about your organisation, team size, and current experience with SwiftUI.

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